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Swarovski 2038 HotFix

2028/2038 Swarovski hotfix crystals are wash resistant and come in multitude sizes and colours. They have a layer of hot-melt adhesive at the flat back can be easily apply them with hotfix applicator or iron on fabric. Great for adding sparkle to bags, shoes and dresses .
SS5- 1.7-1.9mm           SS6- 1.9-2.1mm          SS7 - 2.1-2.3mm          SS8 - 2.3-2.5mm
SS9 - 2.5-2.7mm          SS10 - 2.9-2.9mm       SS12 - 3.0-3.2mm        SS14 - 3.4-3.6mm
SS16 - 3.8-4.0mm        SS20 - 4.6-4.8mm       SS30 - 6.3-6.5mm        SS34 - 7.1-7.3mm
SS40 - 8.4mm-8.7mm                                    SS48 - 11mm-11.3mm 
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